Agreement to Comply

The Owner and the Owner’s Agent (if different from the Owner) hereby certifies that he/she has read and understands the Firethorn Covenants and the Architectural Guidelines as established by the Firethorn Architectural Review Board (FARB), and the plans as approved by the FARB. Along with the execution of this agreement, the Owner is required to submit a check for the appropriate fees (see schedule) made out to the Firethorn POA, for the purpose of ensuring that all aspects for the Covenants, Guidelines, and Contractor activities are adhered to. The impact fee shall be used on future road repairs, greenway maintenance, and clubhouse upkeep as needed. Proof of liability insurance is also required.

If at any time during the period the Owner/Agent fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Covenants, or the Architectural Guidelines, the FARB has the right to suspend all work until the violation is brought into compliance.

If the Owner fails to correct the violation within ten (10) days of written notification, the FARB will use the compliance deposit to bring the violation into compliance. In case of an emergency (as determined by the FARB), the FARB may waive the ten (10) day notification requirement. Any cost to correct the violation that exceeds the amount of the Construction Bond shall be borne solely by the Owner.

The unused portion of the Construction Bond (up to 100%) will be refunded to the Owner upon completion of the work covered by the FARB permit, to include landscaping. No interest will be paid by Firethorn to the Owner on the Construction Bond. In the case of new construction, the refund will be issued upon completion of the house, or completion of the landscaping, whichever is later.

The General Contractor hired by the owner must be approved by the FARB and have a current UNLIMITED license issued by the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors. The General Contractor must be actively involved in the building process and be readily available if called upon.

Lot Number:      Insurance Information: 

Owner Signature:      Date: 

Owner’s Agent:      Date: 
Owner’s Agent is defined as a person legally authorized to act on behalf of the Owner on this matter.

General Contractor Name: 
General Contractor’s Phone Number: 
North Carolina License Number (unlimited): 

General Contractor Signature:      Date: 

Address to mail refund check:

Please return signed original of this page along with fees and deposits to:
Firethorn ARB, Box 144, Blowing Rock, NC 28605