Builder Rules & Regulations

All construction in Firethorn requires that the contractor, sub-contractors and tradesmen comply with all the building guidelines. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform his builder of this, and assume direct responsibility for compliance. The general contractor is responsible for all on-site activities of his subcontractors and suppliers.

  1. Contractor must contact FARB before beginning any site work. Prior to beginning any site work, property corners should be staked and all property lines marked by strings between corners. Stakes and strings should remain in place during construction. Provide silt fencing around the perimeter of the site Revise temporary protective measures as site conditions are changed. Install utilities early in the construction process and stabilize that ground as quickly as possible. Place temporary gravel on all driveways to minimize dirt and mud getting on the streets. Remove and dispose of all temporary protective measures, accumulated sediment, and provide final stabilization as quickly as possible.
  2. No advertisement signs are to be placed on the job site, other than one builder and one architect’s sign which meets the guidelines below. The sign must have the name of the General Contractor or the Architect only and their telephone number. The signs should be no larger than 4 square feet and should be professionally painted, stained, sandblasted or carved and should be installed on a post-not a tree. Subcontractors may not post signs. Building permits, etc must be posted on a post or structure-not on a tree trunk.
  3. Hours of work will be 7:30am to 5:00pm. Weekend work is permitted if it is inside quiet work. No holiday work is permitted.
  4. Construction deliveries should be planned so that deliveries are complete by 5:00pm, Mon-Fri. No Saturday deliveries.
  5. An owner-builder must document proof of liability coverage prior to beginning construction. All subcontractors should be insured.
  6. Visitors to construction areas, other than guests of the owners, or persons related in some way to the project, are not permitted.
  7. Builder is responsible for providing water and electricity to jobsite. Water and electrical usage from neighboring properties is prohibited.
  8. The construction site should be kept in good appearance at all times. The construction area should be free of debris at the end of each day. No burning or dumping is permitted in Firethorn. Trash containers should be kept on site, and the trash removed before it blows into neighboring areas. If that becomes a problem, you will be charged for all costs associated with cleanup.
  9. All materials must be stored on the building lot and not on adjacent property. No access by means of adjacent property is permitted. Should access from adjacent properties (through a common area) or a neighbor’s property be necessary, written permission should first be obtained. Any damage must be repaired to it’s original condition.
  10. All vehicles should be parked off the street on the construction property. Should roadside parking be necessary, the contractor is responsible for making sure no damage is done to the road or roadside. No vehicles should be left overnight. Trailers or other construction related equipment should be parked or stored on the lot.
  11. Noxious or loud music or behavior is not allowed. No fishing or hunting by construction workers is permitted. Personal pets of contractor, sub-contractors or tradesmen are not permitted. No exceptions.
  12. Concrete trucks should wash chutes and cleanup on the lot to which they are delivering concrete.
  13. The speed limit in Firethorn is 25 mph, unless otherwise posted. Violators work privileges will be permanently revoked.
  14. Properties other than those on which construction is taking place are private; NO TRESPASSING.
  15. No loitering on the jobsite or Firethorn property after working hours.
  16. All trucks hauling trash and loose materials should be covered so as to contain its contents.
  17. Port-a-johns are required on each jobsite and should be removed immediately when the job is complete. When possible, they should be located so they are not visible from the road, nor from neighbors homes.
  18. The contractor should keep the jobsite clean and orderly at all times. This includes the cleaning of the roads during wet or muddy conditions on the site . Should the POA have to clean adjoining lots, or the roads, you will be billed.
  19. Contractors, subs and tradesmen should comply with all OSHA safety regulations.
  20. Absolutely no blasting is permitted on site without notifying the Developer and any neighbors to the site where the blasting will take place. Any blasting subcontractor should be properly insured, and should provide proof of insurance before beginning work.
  21. Contractors are responsible for the use of potable water by their employees and subcontractors. Please make sure hoses are not left running.
  22. The owner or contractor will not be permitted to make design changes without approval by the ARB. The exterior of all houses and other structures should be completed within one year after construction has begun. Should it appear that this condition cannot be met, immediately notify the ARB.
  23. On any lot that crosses a ditch; metal culvert should be installed so as not to obstruct the natural and planned flow of water on the property.
  24. Any lot bordering a river, stream, or designated wetland area, must respect the 30 foot setback buffer line as marked-no cutting of brush or trees inside the buffer area.
  25. Any lot that is located on a ridge top should be aware of and sensitive to North Carolina’s ridge law (which governs the height of buildings built on ridges). The county will require compliance-there are no exceptions.