Design Review Checklist

Review the Covenants and Restrictions as well as the design guidelines. Make sure your architect uses these documents throughout the planning process.

Submit construction documents including:

  • Site Plan showing property lines, building footprint, with entries, porches and balconies, patios, location of on site parking, drives, and walks, vegetation save areas, streams, rock outcroppings, and any garden plans, as well as significant trees
  • Floor Plans showing all windows, doors and overhangs, complete dimensions, and square footages
  • Elevations showing home as it will be constructed, roof pitches, heights of each floor as well as the height of the construction as relates to ground level on the lot
  • Landscape Plan
  • FIRETHORN Agreement to Comply
  • Check from the owner in the amount of $1500.00 made payable to Firethorn Property Owners Association (for the road impact fee)
  • Check from the owner in the amount of $1200.00 made payable to FARB for application and construction bond (Construction Bond to be refunded minus any damages owed $1000.00 plus Application Fee $ 200.00)

Materials and Finishes List

  • Identify exterior colors: Include samples, photographs, or clip sheets
  • Include a color sample sheet for all painted, stained, and factory finished materials
  • Identify proposed materials of items listed below
    • Chimneys
    • Deck
    • Doors, Main entrance, any other exterior door
    • Driveway (must be paved-asphalt or concrete)
    • Fences
    • Foundation (all elevations) – no exposed stucco
    • Exterior lights
    • Garage doors
    • Gutters
    • Rafters/Beams
    • Railings
    • Roof materials (asphalt shingles are not allowed)
    • Siding (corner boards if different), Window and Door Casing and Trim
    • Shutters, Porch, Deck, Balcony Posts, Handrails, Spindles
    • Soffit
    • Walls
    • Windows