Property Owners’ Association Architectural Review Board Guidelines

The purpose of the FIRETHORN Architectural Review Board (FARB) is to evaluate proposed plans to insure adherence to covenants and restrictions and to insure the plans compatibility with the environment as well as other residences in FIRETHORN.

The review is done by the Developer, and/or others who may be appointed by the developer. Once all required materials are received (see Firethorn Review Check List) a review will be made within 30 days. No work should begin until final approval is granted.

FIRETHORN is sensitive to the setting’s natural beauty, and that will be a focus in the review. In addition, the use of “natural materials” will help the home blend into the environment. Various site features that are present on each lot (streams, rock outcroppings, and certain extraordinary vegetative items) should be recognized, identified, protected and used in the site planning and design. Clearing, hauling, and grading should be done in a way so as to protect these features and minimize damage to the site and these special features, in particular.

To maintain a natural look, finish landscaping should include mostly indigenous plants.

There is no single architectural style that can be recommended. However the architecture of FIRETHORN should utilize natural elements, such as stone, timbers, wood siding, wood shingles, as well as other native or natural materials. The design style should reflect the design styles associated with the heritage of the region. Relatively simple building forms should be given interest and character by use of details faithful to a consistent style for each home. Appropriate design of overhangs, eaves, gables, roof pitch, chimneys, railings, lighting, and so forth, should all work in harmony with the overall architectural style and interpretation. And again, the plan should blend harmoniously with the natural setting. Architecture utilizing Craftsman, Mountain Bungalow, and Shingle, Old Blowing Rock/Old Linville/Adirondack, as well as Farmhouse stylings are compatible with the environment and with FIRETHORN’S vision of acceptable styles. There is no single style that we recommend but the style needs to blend into and fit the setting. It is our hope that by being sensitive to our design philosophy, your home will have a visual continuity that will be harmonious with the entire property.